About the translator

Christian Neie


  • Born April 27, 1959, in Kassel, Germany, theologian.
  • Spent his High School years (1974 to 1977) with his German/American family in San Anselmo, California, USA, where he became interested in Jungian psychology.
  • Studied theology and philosophy in Germany at the Universities of Marburg, Munich, and Gottingen.
  • Interested in mystics and utopianists of all cultures and ages. Interested in the writer and revolutionary Franz Jung since 1983.
  • Matriculated auditor at the C.G.Jung- Institute Zurich, 1989/90.
  • Worked as a minister in a congregation of the German protestant church in Calden near Kassel, 1993 – 1998.
  • Member of the International Otto Gross Society since October 2000.